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Merve Terzi, born in 1988 in Istanbul (TR), lives and works in Berlin. 


At the age of four, my mother and I moved to Germany, where I grew up in the small town of Speyer. After graduating in 2012 from Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg with a B.A. in Art History, I moved to Berlin where I startet my studies in photography at BTK – Faculty for Art & Design in Berlin. As part of the organizational team of the FotoKlubKollektiv - a collective of international photographers in Berlin - I am also involved in curatorial work and book making processes. 


Throughout my projects, I am dealing with the idea of time, identity and authenticity shown through different perspectives. Who are we and what shapes us? My aim is to discover what is beyond the surface of the visible – to figure out how identity is being constructed and shaped by our fragmented memories and how it manifests itself in a particular moment of expression.Photography gives me the possibility to capture these authentic moments in between that reveals our self. 

Friends and family, people and things that surround me in my daily life, are my source of inspiration and often subjects in my photographs. I believe, by collecting their stories, I will be able to complete my own puzzle. 

Group Exhibitions

2017  The Blind Curator - F.K. Kollektiv, FK-Gallery Berlin

2017 Rundgang BTK - Faculty of Art & Design, Campus Berlin

2017 re-Beirut Curator & Exhibitor - BTK Gallery, Campus Berlin

2016 Deflection Curator & Exhibitor - F.K. Kollektiv, Puderraum Berlin 

2016 Das unsichtbare Zimmer/The invisible room, Projektraum ORi Berlin 

2015 .Null - Galerie Uhrwerk Berlin 



2017 The Blind Curator

2017 Lola Magazine

2017 Fnder #5 re-Beirut

2017 Merve Terzi "Five Stage", Self-Published  

2016 Berliner Zeitung - Magazin


2016 & 2017 Scholarship BTK - Faculty of Art & Design at

University of Applied Sciences Europe, Campus Berlin